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About Us


In today’s digital era, numerous platform are being developed which result in increasing data massively every day. When we talk about social media platforms , millions of users connect on daily basis , information is shared whenever users use a social media platform or any other website, so the question arises that how safe is your data, who can access your data and what can one do with your data. We at HummingSparrow plan to protect your data security from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle and the data will remain in our country.

We also provide a single platform for multiple apps to chat and spread information within our circle and to post important and relevant information to have a faster and easier way to share updates, photos, engage with friends and stay connected to important communities. We provide a single platform for simple, secure and reliable messaging.

Our Mission

One of the biggest issue in today’s digital world is the spread of fake news/information. With fast and easy spread of messages through different social media apps the authenticity of any information is not checked before spreading it to any group of people and this chain continues. With the help of AI and MI, we will stop such spread of rumour by verifying and cross checking the news or the details.

  • Provide every user access to authenticate and verified information.
  • To engage people on the social media to social world.
  • Self-Reliant India.

Our Vision

In today’s world when everything available on social media is controlled by the people in other countries, we as Indian have knowingly or unknowingly moved towards the western culture very easily. Unfortunately, in this journey we somehow forgot to carry our own Indian values like Ahimsa, unity in diversity; yoga, Ayurveda, vasudaivakutumbakam, atithi devo bhav and many more with ourselves. Due to this we fail to give these values and knowledge of Indian mythology to our coming generations. We work in inculcating these Indian values through our app.

  • One Nation One PLatform.